The Duende Bros. is an ad-hoc duo, consisting of musician Mikey Peterson and poet Eric Elshtain.  They paired up in order to find the right combination of in-house studio synth-pop soundings and lyrics about everyday objects to create danceable poems.  Made to sound as if produced in 1983, these two tracks complete the logic of Reagan/Bush era optimism and cynicism, making sinister what you zip and praising the all-seeing microbe-growing eye you might find one the back of a dollar, dollar bill.  I’M THE ZIPPER is the result of dark-basement experiments—fingers on the brink & the dogmas of keeping it all in.  MICROSCOPEAN EYE-SORE BLUES is a response to the CSI scene: there’s some hinky ideology going on when house musicks blare behind criminologists magnifying epithelial cells.  But what is the TV but a microscope, too.

Listen here:

I’m The Zipper

Microscopean Eyesore Blues










Mikey Peterson and The Trust bridge melody and noise – playing songs of love, loss, and redemption.

Mikey Peterson – Voice/Guitar

Tom Stukel – Drums

Lenny Zieben – Bass

Nate Kelsey – Keys

Our new full length album is currently being recorded.

Click here to listen to songs off of Mikey’s solo EP, Songs From The Park View.  It’s also available as a digital download at iTunes.