Born Again

Born Again


In this single-shot video, a gull appears meshed within its environment.  Water, sun, earth, and wind work together to transform its appearance and location.  Combined, these classical elements create natural, yet surreal, imagery –  like a dream or a fractured memory.

Speed is slowed down to emphasize its movement.  Sound, taken from the source footage, is manipulated to create a sense of displacement and to emphasize a shift in the event. Scale is altered to show that all change, no matter how small, is substantial. Size is relative, and major shifts within our world are overshadowed by what is larger.  By showcasing this transformation, the subtle becomes dramatic.

Nothing stands still in our world.  From the gravitational pull on Earth’s tides to living beings pulled from birth to death, we live amongst and within infinite events where everything is in the process of change.

4 min 1 sec


Born Again 3



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